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Month: November 2017

Interested In Buying Or Selling Real Estate On Long Island? Is Now The Right Time To Buy?

I am a professional Realtor with over 5 years of experience buying / selling Real Estate for my clients. I am not just a Realtor I have bought and sold many properties myself over the last 15 years. Before working in Real Estate I worked on Wall Street as a professional Equities trader. I wanted to share some of my opinions about the Real Estate market now. I am asked everyday by my clients / customers if now is the right time to buy or sell. Ok. Here it is. My no nonsense opinion: The Federal Reserve just started to cut rates. We just got a cut of 1/2 point and we are in for more cuts. As a general rule lower rates equal higher Real estate prices. I think we are going to see the worst of the Real Estate market this winter. I think if you are an investor you should be looking to buy some more properties this winter. If you are thinking of Relocating and have to sell a home to buy it may be better to stay put for now. If you do not own any Real Estate and have cash then I would look to buy this winter. Winter is historically a cyclically slow time in Real Estate. That coupled with fears that the market has been dropping will allow you to likely...

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When and How You Should Sell Your Property Investments

When investing, most people concentrate on the 'deal' they are getting and whether it works in today's market. However, since the property price falls of 2007 left many investors who wanted to cash in for their retirement in dire straits, and with the demand and supply of property likely to change in the future due to demographics, it's essential to have a good idea of when is the right time to sell your investments. If you were investing in a financial asset, you would typically do this via a regulated, independent financial advisor. They would then give you projections of what your investment would deliver to you. For example, if you invest in a bond, you are likely to receive information that shows what you would receive after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. To do this they would project probably three percent growth projections such as 3%; 5% and 7%. Much of this information is regulated, so they are not allowed to 'make up' figures. As an investor, you should have a plan of what your property investment will return ongoing in income for example, as well as capital growth. This should work hand in hand with your exit strategy. For example, if you want to buy property now, hold on to it and rent it out for five years, then cash it in, what you need to...

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Selling A Home – What Attachments Stay or Go?

The home selling and buying process can be confusing. This is especially true when it is a FSBO (for sale by owner) operation. It's even tougher when either the seller nor the buyer is in the real estate business. This article sorts through what stays in the house or condo when it's sold. Attachments – Literally! In most states, the term "attached" takes on a unique meaning in real estate. Essentially, it boils down to this, "If it's attached to the real estate, it's no longer personal property." Practically speaking, anything attached to the home stays with it when ownership is transferred. Applying this concept, it's easy to see why chandeliers, doorknobs and kitchen cabinets stay. To determine whether something stays or goes, focus on the attachment issue. Plants can often be a confusing item. Usually, it they are planted in the ground, they stay. If they are in planters, they go. With other items, just look to see if they are attached to the property. I Am Seller – Hear Me Roar! If you're a seller, you've probably spent a good bit of time and effort on the property. What if you want to take a few attached items with you? Can you legally keep it? What if you're thinking, "That fixture hanging over the breakfast table has a real Tiffany shade? It was a wedding present from...

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How You Too Can Sell Your Photos and Earn Extra Income From Home

Do you love taking photos? Did you know you could earn extra income by doing what you love? If you have a digital camera, an Internet connection, and access to a photo editing software program you can make money selling photos online. Curious? Just read this article for voters on how to begin doing what you love. The Internet has offered us a global marketplace at our fingertips where we can buy and sell anything at all, including photographs. There are stock photography websites where people who are in need of pictures for whatever reason can buy them. You can join in on the fun by uploading your very own pictures to these sites and letting people purchase them from you. Even simple pictures of a rose garden might bring in interested buyers. Selecting a central theme for your pictures is fairly important. You want to attract the attention of the consumers and the only way you can is by uploading attractive, quality photographs. Using your imagination to present items in a different way is a great aid to success. The consumers who are looking to buy want to promote their specific product so that they want to find the best, most unique picture available. This means if you set up a picture to say something specific rather than just snapping whatever, you will have a better chance of...

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How to Profit Selling Platinum and Gold Jewelry

Any time the economy is down you see massive numbers of sites wanting to buy your gold jewelry. They never mention price or percentage of spot price that they will pay. Many will try to buy low and resell the metal for 4-5 times what they bought it for. This is more than the retailers of new jewelry make selling wedding bands and engagement rings. To make sure you get the best value you need to know the base facts. One troy ounce of gold or platinum is 31.1 grams or 20 DWT. The spot price is what all metal buying and selling is based on and is priced per ounce for pure metal. This value is easy to find in newspapers and on line. If you have 14K gold you need to know the gram weight and how much of that is actually 24K pure gold. Take the weight and use the gold percentage. 14K=.583 so 20 grams of 14K contains about 11.6 grams of 24K. If 24K is $1000.00 per ounce then it is worth about $373.00 at full price. Of course selling is usually done 10-15% under spot so that is about the real value you should aim for. Platinum is usually 950% so it is 95% pure and is calculated the same way using the weight and spot price. They metal buyer will pay a...

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