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Month: June 2018

How To Make Great Money Part Time Buying And Selling Domain Names – Part One

This truly is the business to get into 2005. It's a red hot opportunity that savvy investors can make a killing on when you know how. And this article will walk you step-by-step through the money-making process. Do not be put off by the term "investors". I'm not talking big money down here. As long as you've got a spare £ 5 a week then great money can be made for only half an hour of your time. Like the sound of that? Thought so. There's a few ways you can make money buying domain names and selling them on for profit. And I mean PROFIT. You'll see why people will be scratching at your door to buy you in just a moment. Let's start with the basics. All domain names are only registered for a limited amount of time.Registrars can choose to use the name for a period of between 1-10 years. After this the rights to these domain names expire and the user has to renew the name again. If they do not do this it will be placed on hold for a short time and then deleted. This means it is then available for anyone who wants to buy it! This Is Where You Can Cash In! 20,000 expired domain names are made available each and every day. Some of them are very attractive and well-established...

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Foreclosure Properties Can Be a Great Investment

If you have been on the fence about putting your feet in the pool of today's real estate market then there are some facts that you should understand. We are in a remarkable place and time for purchasing a home, whether for your primary residence or for investment purposes. If you are interested in the burgeoning number of foreclosure properties then you should be researching reo nationwide properties for a wider selection of homes from which to choose. There are management services that can direct you to a wider pool of homes in a multitude of markets than you could research on your own. They allow you access to a wide variety of listings and their current status while filtering properties that will fulfill your criteria for both price and the home's current state of condition. Many reo nationwide properties are sold in an "as is" condition but there is sometimes room to negotiate this point. You can also have a direct link for communication with a real estate professional who can guide you through any concerns that you may have. There are several things that you should consider before you make the jump into any investment and that includes reo nationwide properties. First and foremost be sure to check the property and have a licensed contractor go through it for you as well. You might be getting a...

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Build Your Retirement By Investing In Real Estate

Most people buy one or two properties. One is their primary residence and sometimes they have a vacation home. Few people invest in real estate. The main reason is they are not comfortable sticking their neck out in something they are not entirely familiar with. There is so much that needs to be understood and it just seems overwhelming to the majority of people. Many homeowners pay off their house and retire or keep working their job. Their equity is money sitting their quietly and not doing anything for them. With that money they could invest wisely and be vacationing or playing tennis instead of working. There’s nothing wrong with working if you enjoy your job, but how many people do? Your equity can be used to buy other properties, it’s called leverage. Call your bank today and talk to them about an equity line of credit. You can set it up before you do any shopping. Remember you are a loyal customer and deserve a good rate so know what other lenders are charging before you talk to them. Maybe you can do all the leg work and team up with someone you know who will put up the money. You can split the profits how the two or three of you agree upon (IN WRITING). Then you do the homework and find the good deal. They are...

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Purchasing a House – How to Get Started

Purchasing a house takes a lot of stress off your shoulders. It gives immunity satisfaction to know that you will not have to wander from one house to another, renting homes and you now have financial security. However, the whole process of purchasing the house involves a lot of stress. Finally, after a lot of calculations and recalculations, you decide that you can indeed purchase your own home now even if it means giving up on some extra luxuries and cost cutting. What next? From arranging the finances, talking to the agents involved in the process to selection of the house, it's a complicated procedure. However simple we make it to be, the truth is purchasing a home does require some hard work. Whether it is looking for the best way to arrange your finances and the lowest possible interest rates that can provide you flexibility as well or finding agents that can help you all along in purchasing the desired property. The key lies in the appropriate planning at each step, giving ample time to the process and doing your research well. Be reasonable Get a fair idea on your budget. Make an account of your total savings, the amount you can reasonably save (and be honest here) from your earnings and what is the amount you can expect from lenders. Talk to your bank and get the...

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Even Zig Ziglar Would not Want to Be a UK Estate Agent!

It's not a good time to be an Estate Agent. During my career, I can not remember a time when an Estate Agent actually had to do any selling. I came into property from a short spell in the world of Mobile phones, where things were a whole lot different. There was a strict sales process, high targets and a great deal of pressure rolling down from above onto the heads of the front line sales staff. Good salespeople would probably sell 10 contracts a week at about £ 7 commission per contract. Nothing really to write home about! It was very different in Estate Agency though. No sales process to talk about. Buyers left right and center eagerly approaching you to put their offer in on a certain property. In reality the job was more about how quickly you could phone your leads and process the deal as opposed to actually selling. Zig Ziglar need not apply – 90% of success was just showing up! Times have seriously changed though. Look at the stats for the total numbers of properties sold in the month of June over the last three years: 2006 124,000 sold 2007 105,000 sold 2008 18,000 sold The drop-off has been astounding! I would now go as far to say that you need to be as good as Zig Ziglar just to make a living....

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