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Month: September 2018

What To Spend Money On When Selling Your House in Chicago

Ready to sell your house in Chicago? There are a number of things you can do to add value. However, not all of them are worth the investment. In our latest post, learn more about what to spend money on when selling your house in Chicago and how to reduce your costs! There are a … Continued The post What To Spend Money On When Selling Your House in Chicago appeared first on We Buy Chicago Houses. Source...

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Sell Your House in Seven Days – The Grass Is Greener On the Other Side

Selling your house in as little as seven days is a solution for some of the problems you face, in the sense you can put an end to them and move on with your life. The problems you face varies between individuals, but in essence, they comprise of financial problems, job relocation and/or job transfer, divorce, downsizing, upsizing, change of neighborhood, old age, retirement, you want to move out of the city/state, debt, bankruptcy, interest rate it too high, you are facing foreclosure among other reasons. The reasons can be a single one or a combination of few, but the main motive in the end is to sell your house fast. You must be wondering, what are the advantages to sell your house to a house buyer. Let us look at the nitty-gritty of it: a) House buyers are here to help and they want to save you as much money as possible. Hence, they do not charge any commission or fees. This way, you can save that 6% which you would otherwise pay to a “Realtor.” In totality, you will be paying us 0% and we will sell your house in 7 days. b) One of the many reasons houses are sold is because owners are in need of money. Going the traditional way, and using a “Realtor” means that you will need to spend some amount of...

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House Selling Tips – Discover 3 Creative Ways to Sell Your Property in Today's Market

In today's real estate market you need to have a system in order to sell your houses fast. Below you will find 3 ways that we use to sell our properties fast in today's market. 1. Multiple Listing Service: Commonly referred to as the MLS. There are a few ways to get property listed on the MLS. List the property with a Realtor or you can list it yourself on the MLS by using a flat fee MLS listing company. Offer to pay at least a 5% commission when using a Realtor and on the flat fee MLS it will cost you about $ 500 up front for the listing and then offer 2.5-3% to the Realtor that brings you the buyer 2. FSBO: You can use this method at the same time as # 1 when you choose the flat fee MLS service. Install a sign on the front lawn the day you close and then post the property on as many websites as possible. Do not use the info tube or provide any info, just a number for them to call. 3. Build a Buyers List: This is the best thing you can do because he has the list has the gold. Whenever you get a call or an email about your property, capture the buyer's info before you provide them any info. Find out what they...

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The Truth About Commercial Real Estate

Many people confuse commercial real estate with residential real estate. What is the difference between the two? Commercial real estate has to do with buying and selling commercial properties for business purposes. This includes properties that are used for industrial purposes such as factories, medical buildings, such as doctor’s offices and clinics, office buildings and apartment complexes. Of course this is list does not represent all definitions of commercial real estate, but it should give you an idea. Residential real estate deals more with the buying and selling of private homes. This can include condos, town houses, houses, mansions and even castles. What is the big deal about commercial real estate? The truth is that it aids in the expansion of businesses. As a business owner, you may be renting office space. When you go into commercial real estate, you decide you are buying property instead of renting. Many small business owners use these loans to fund diverse projects such as buying buildings, shopping complexes, or hotels, just to name a few. Some business owners and entrepreneurs start buying commercial real estate for added income come streams. For example, an owner of a janitorial service company may decide to buy some land in an underdeveloped area of town. He may invest in developing the area, and then turn around and sell parts of the property to others who start...

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10 Mistakes Home Sellers Can Avoid In Chicago

Ready to sell your house in Chicago? You will likely have many decisions to make along the way. Learn more about mistakes home sellers can avoid before selling their house in Chicago! There are many things to consider when selling your house. Sellers often make the same mistakes, but there are ways to avoid them. The first … Continued The post 10 Mistakes Home Sellers Can Avoid In Chicago appeared first on We Buy Chicago Houses. Source...

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